Conclusions from the confusions

confusion in learning

The ONL-course leaves a mixed bag of emotions, both rewarding and frustrating. It has been really nice to discuss all the possibilities and perils of online learning with colleagues from different faculties, with different views and angles. My main issue with the course has been limited time due to other commitments, mainly research and running the medical program course. I will definitely go back and look through the recordings of the different webinars and read some of the recommended literature – most probably in a nicer setting, perhaps in a sailing boat in the archipelago of western Sweden. There have been a number of really interesting take home messages that I need to follow up in my own teaching. I have been using flipped classroom and interactive tasks for several years, but have now realised the potential for several improvements. Some aspects I will also take into account when designing new learning environments and writing pedagogic grant applications. To keep the network of knowledgeable ONL-colleagues will be a great asset for future discussions and exchange of experiences. Looking forward to continuing the ONL experience!



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